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Organizations We Support

Mount Carmel-Zion United Church, through our Mission and Outreach Committee, is proud to support the following organizations  with various activities throughout the year.

Chalmers Community Services Centre
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Chalmers Community Services Centre is a new food bank for Guelph. The Fair Share Food Shelf provides orderly, respectful, non-judgmental “top-off” food supplies, used clothing and household items to those in need. “As an organization called to care, compassion and social justice, we provide food and other supports to enable participants to become more self-reliant and socially connected. Changes are underway with Chalmers Community Service Centre. Financial assistance is being directed to CCSC and food donations are being distributed through the community-based downtown food outlet established in December 2007.”

Drop In Centre
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The Drop In Centre provides low cost nutritious meals as well as friendship and support through people who will “listen and hear.” They serve two full meals a day, a light breakfast and snacks. Emergency assistance with transportation costs and baby needs are available. The centre is run by volunteers and people who use the Centre. The Centre also provides access to social services; outreach workers from the Canadian Mental Health Association, Trellis Mental Health and Developmental Services and Guelph Community Health Centres are available. Individuals can also access assistance with foot and hair care.

The Rural Women’s Support Programme South East
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The Rural Women’s Support Programme South East (Women In Crisis) provides free support services to women and their children living in Wellington County and connects women to Marianne’s Place Shelter. Individual counseling and groups are offered to women who have been or are in an abusive relationship and to women who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault or harassment. Transportation may be arranged if needed as well as accompaniment to police, court, hospital, lawyers’ appointments and the shelter. Advocacy and referrals to other community agencies are provided as well as housing, legal, financial and custody information.

Michael House
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Michael House is Guelph’s not-for-profit, non-denominational, charitable organization dedicated to providing a supportive and nurturing residence for young pregnant women. Opened in 2003, Michael House is a place where young women can receive housing and assistance during their pregnancy, childbirth and for a period after the birth of their newborn. Michael House is committed to excellence in providing opportunities for young women to enhance their well-being and to live to their fullest potential. Michael House provides In-house programs and access to community support programs and education.

The University of Guelph Chaplaincy
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The University of Guelph Chaplaincy through the Ecumenical Campus Ministry at the University of Guelph continues to make a difference in campus life coordinating the work of the Multi-Faith Resource Team. Regular programs include Bereavement Support Group, Meditation Group, Spirituality at Work Group, International Students’ Thanksgiving Dinner and Peace Week. Throughout the year a number of special events and programs take place, from guest speakers to a global education experience to road trips.

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Adopt-A-Minefield - “Clear a path to a safer world” Canadians Changed the World - On December 3, 2007, the world paused and reflected on the 10th anniversary of the Ottawa Treaty banning land mines. Canada played a key role in promoting, negotiating and implementing the Treaty, which gave Canada a new role and a distinctive voice on international issues. The Treaty reshaped the global community’s assumptions on global affairs and set a new precedent on how to stop humanitarian disasters.

Queens Bush Rural Ministry

Queens Bush Rural Ministry provides a compassionate ear to problems in the rural community, assistance to help solve the particular person's problem or direction to someone who can. Services include financial counselling, referral to known consultants; emotional and spiritual direction.

Wyndham House
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Wyndham House's mission:  As a registered charitable organization, provides safe and stable cooperative living residences for youth, aged 16 to 21, who would otherwise be homeless. Through full-time educational programs and life skills training, we aim to end reliance on intrusive, long term and costly services and supports by helping our residents be self-respecting, contributing and responsible members of society.

Masai Centre
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Masai Centre runs the “Bracelet of Hope” Assistance services to people who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank
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Canadian Food Grains Bank is a partnership of Canadian Church-based agencies working to end hunger in developing countries by increasing and deepening the involvement of Canadians in efforts to end hunger; supporting partnerships and activities to reduce hunger on both an immediate and sustainable basis; influencing changes in public policies necessary to end hunger.

United Church Mission and Service Fund
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We support the United Church Missions and Service Fund with monthly donations from the congregation.

Aberfoyle School's Food Pantry
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We support the Aberfoyle School's Food Pantry with a monthly donation to assist in keeping the pantry stocked.