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GC43 Clears the Way for Remit Implementation

August 23, 2018

GC43 Clears the Way for Remit Implementation


On the final afternoon of the 43rd General Council (July 27), commissioners approved and made final amendments to proposals related to remit implementation. The remits themselves were enacted on Sunday, July 22.

The proposals clarified or expanded on details and aspects of the upcoming structural changes. In summary:

  • The term “General Council” will be maintained, although “denominational council” is the legal description of the decision-making body of the church.
  • The proposal to make clusters and networks a priority was referred to the General Secretary.
  • The work of the current task group on the Association of Ministers will be made a priority.
  • The assessment rate for 2019‒2021 is 4.5 percent of adjusted total revenues. Pastoral charges for whom this would result in an increase of more than 10 percent have the option to phase it in.
  • Revisions to the Basis of Union have been referred to the Executive of the General Council to finalize.

Full details on the decisions can be found in the GC43 Digital Workbook; select “02b Motions as Passed” and then “Remit Implementation as passed.” You can also watch a recording of the July 27 decision session for the above on YouTube. The remit implementation proposals begin at 1:12:33.

The July 24 information session on remit-related proposals, where commissioners could ask for and receive clarification on the proposals ahead of making their decisions, can also be viewed on YouTube.

Upcoming Webinars

  • Our New Pastoral Relations System: Making the Transition. This YouTube Live session in late September will be a followup to our April session. Watch this newsletter or for the final date and time.
  • Archives and Artifacts: This session for presbyteries and Conferences will cover what to do with their records and artifacts in preparation for the move to regional councils. The tentative date and time: Oct. 2 at 1:00 p.m. ET. Watch this newsletter or for the confirmed date and time.

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