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Michael House Pregnancy Care Centre Prayer Bulletin – February/March 2017

We Praise God for:

  • some very generous gifts from our supporters over the past month, starting the year off well for us;
  • two of our clients requesting and undergoing baptism;
  • the dedication and resilience of our staff and volunteers;
  • seven new monthly “angel” donors, with more people expressing interest as we speak to churches;
  • a new staff position to oversee special events;
  • all those working hard on our upcoming events, especially the Bowlathon (May 6th) and the Golf Tournament (June 13th).

We Pray for:

  • the welfare and protection of all our clients and their children, especially those who are dealing with mental health and addiction challenges;
  • new board members to fill current and prospective vacancies;
  • all those who are currently sick with winter ailments;
  • the continued success of our “angel” campaign and our other fundraising efforts;
  • extra resources of health and stamina for staff who have a very heavy workload at present;
  • clients who struggle with various types of loss.