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Discussion on Church Accessibility - June 9th

Following a discussion at the Annual Meeting held in February 2013, on the future needs of the church, the chair of the Property Committee was asked to investigate the addition of an accessible washroom in the church.

The general feeling of those in attendance at that meeting was that the availability of an accessible washroom(s) should be given a high priority. This addition, it was pointed out, would help ensure that Mount Carmel-Zion United Church would be better able to meet its longer term goal of providing a facility that would be functional and useful to a larger number of members, adherents and the general public wishing to utilize our facility.

As part of our “moving forward” discussion at our April council meeting we are writing to announce a congregational meeting on June 9th after worship. We would like to tell you about our ideas to modernize and improve the church building. There will be several sketches of how we might change things.

We hope that you will be able to join us on June 9th and will offer your suggestions on how we can make our building more accessible and more useable.